Pedagogue, ludique, competent, ponctuel
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Pedagogue, ludique, competent, ponctuel je mets de la valeur ajoutee a vos textes

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1986 MD, University of California, Davis


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Office, internet,


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Glaxo, Aventis, Institut Pasteur

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Pedagogue, ludique, competent, ponctuel je mets de la valeur ajoutee a vos textes


2006/07 Stanford Medical Center, California (Stanford University Hospital, Menlo Park Veteran’s Hospital) Medecin Assistant en charge des patients psychaitraiques adultes. Supervisiosns et des Étudiants des personnel et. Patients diagnostiqués et évalués. Avec l'équipe thérapeutique, les infirmières, les psychologues, les ouvriers sociaux développés et les plans mis en application de traitement. J'étais éducation très impliquée d'hospitalisé. Formation significative sur des urgences psychiatriques. Travaillé dans le congé de maladie de maladie d'unité de réadaptation de drogue à partir de janvier 2007.

2005/06 Psychiatry Resident. PGY-1/2 Loma Linda Medical Center, LL Medical Center, Loma Linda Veteran’s Hospital Same description as above.

Prior to this my academic/clinical work, I worked in several medical business settings

2003/05 Miscellaneous consulting missions in Biotech

2001/03 Immunomics Beckman Coulter, Paris, France, European Business Development Director
Immunomics was a division (since dissolved) of Beckman Coulter dedicated to developing and monitoring T lymphocyte response ex-vivo. Traditional vaccines use antibodies produced by B cells, but next-generation vaccines involve T cells. The company’s core technology was being utilized to develop vaccines, including cancer vaccines, at some of the world's top research institutions as well as small to large vaccine manufacturers. In this position I prospected new European clients (Academic, Pharma /biotech, Research and Development teams) to promote our technologies and products and to set up collaborative deals.

1996/01 Business Development jobs in the UK & Switzerland, Debiotech (Drug Delivery technologies), Luce Mottier Resources Humaines (Recruitment & Management Consulting in the Healthcare Industry), Pharmaceutical Profiles (Pharmacokinetic studies of Inhaled Medications (Asthma drugs, Pulmonary delivery of insulin)

1992/96 Anderso & Associés, Paris, France; Senior International Consultant, Founding Partner.
A start-up company, grown purely by self-financing reaching 500 K€/year turn-over. At first the company's focus was developing core training programs for pharmaceutical reps internationally. (Sales, product and environment (medical) training). In that setting my role was similar to when I was at Europharma and involved project coordination, prospecting and full understanding of client needs. I managed a team of three to four writers (Ph.D.'s., MD’s) and artists. We then shifted the company's focus toward the international/multicultural arena. Our missions involved consulting for international corporate marketing departments, facilitating coordination of communication between corporate HQ and affiliates in the pharmaceutical industry as well as implementing coherent world-wide strategies (matrix approach involving R&D, Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Communication and Marketing in Europe and the US). One of our key strength was to design programs for HQ with a real affiliate involvement and work with the affiliates to ensure that the program was adapted and really implemented locally. Another strong point was to immerse my client and my writer in their therapeutic area. Dealing with patients increased product understanding.. Major Products I worked with: Zopiclone (Imovane) Betaseron (Schering AG, Chiron Inc.), Granocyte® (G-CSF Chugai-RPR), Phase I anti-stroke treatments (Glaxo-Wellcome), Prozac (Lilly).
1991/92 Europharma, Paris, France. The company's focus was training pharmaceutical reps in France (sales, product and medical training). I was one of the two co-founders: the creative and commercial partner of the venture. This involved prospecting and full understanding of client needs as well as coming up with creative pedagogical concepts for training.

1988/90 Mondor Hospital, , Paris, France Intensive Care Physician; Emergency field work, helicopter and ambulance medical rescue (SAMU) "Médecin Régulateur" (Triage Physician for a population of 1.5 million)

1987/88 Montefiore Hospital, New York, NY Internal Medicine. 7 months (attached)

1986/87 Cornell-Columbia, Hospital, New York, NY Flexible, rotating internship (ICU & Internal Medicine), 6 months


1986 MD, University of California, Davis (6 mos at Grenoble CHU (Neurosurgery, SAMU, Infectious diseases) and the SAMU 94. My psychiatry rotation was at the Sacramento County Jail
1981 Bachelor of Science (Cell Physiology), University of California, Berkeley
1976 "Baccalauréat," Lycée Michelet, Paris

Grew up in the US, several European countries and Africa

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